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2022 Guide to Lead Generation and Marketing Automation

Understanding how lead generation and marketing automation works best can be complex. Optimising your digital presence in 2022 has never been more critical. 83% of marketers believe that the quality of social media posts is more important than quantity. 85% also rank short-form videos as the most effective social media content. Here’s how marketing automation software platforms can help you make an impact.

Your Business, Your Way

Take control of your digital advertising confidently, so your clients receive the undivided attention that they deserve. Relying on a B2B marketing strategy can be costly and unreliable.

Optimal Organisation

Schedule all of your posts in advance and across all social media platforms with the click of a button. Start saving countless hours better spent on customer management.

Aggregated Analytics

Access real-time analytics across all platforms that have active campaigns. Knowing what content works best is key to optimising future posts and reaching new clients.

All-In-One Platform

Coordinate your content across platforms, launch automated ads and collate real-time data all in one spot. Stop wasting time moving between platforms to understand what makes your audience click.

Ads Made Easy

Choose your budget, platform and then approve which ads you would like to run. GrowMOFO’s streamlined dashboard takes the guesswork out of your digital strategy.

Marketing automation software platforms are paving the way for lead generation. However, 2022 digital marketing statistics show that knowing the basics of social media is not enough. If you’re interested in learning more about how GrowMOFO’s industry-leading platform can help your online training business, check out our success stories or book a free demo with one of our trusted team members.

Sohan Karunaratne

Sohan Karunaratne

Co-Founder GrowMOFO