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3 Unique Digital Wellness Trends to Take Advantage of in 2020

“Digital Wellness” spiked at the beginning of 2019, when the rise of addictive technology and the age of anxiety reigned prevalent. As we all still remain glued to our phones in 2020, the recent pandemic has ordered our focus to sway towards one more inclusive of physical, mental and social wellness.

This switch presents opportunities to brands to adapt to ongoing wellness trends, with the ability to create greater intimacy with customers through evolved strategies.

Try adding these trends to your social strategy:

Brands have the ability to incorporate more holistic approaches into their strategies due to the current climate. Tech has become the main cause of anxiety in recent years, with brands now understanding that they must address mental health and the repercussions that come with not dealing with it. With increasingly busier lifestyles, brands are beginning to look for ways to alleviate anxiety through deep and blissful experiences. From positivity-inducing designs to meditation that removes layers of stress – the wellness market has adjusted quickly to meet the demand.

Take a look at these brands implementing ‘Mindfulness’ into their social strategy:



This Digital Wellness trend has us remembering what once was. We as humans actually trigger nostalgic moments as almost a “self-soothing” mechanism when stressed out. This nostalgic moment gives us a small hit of serotonin, lighting up the brain’s reward center – which may be why boomers are always talking about the “good ol days.” The pandemic has made us reminisce about the past and miss how the world used to be. Families are spending more time playing board games and millennials are cooking their favourite childhood meals. Brands and marketers alike have slowly come to realise the impact that ‘memory lane’ can have on a consumer mind and mood – therefore impacting the way they spend. Tying new, promotional content to an audience’s memories by weaving in nostalgic content or values can be a very powerful way to spread a brand’s message and make impact.

Take a look at these brands implementing ‘Notalgia’ into their social strategy:



As consumers become increasingly smarter due to evolving technology, they’ve begun to feel more empowered than they ever have before, voicing their needs to brands to get exactly what they want, when they want it. Expectations to deliver personalised wellness content that aligns with consumers personal needs are increasing. In fact, according to a Salesforce report, a whopping 76% of consumers expect companies to cater to their need for connectivity, and without hesitations will go somewhere else if they don’t feel cared for. Brands are beginning to adhere to this, creating well thought out, personalised content to keep consumers happy.

Take a look at these brands implementing ‘Personalisation’ into their social strategy:



Brands will only get better at adding unique trends into their social strategies, so if you want to compete you should probably start thinking about it soon. Implementing the examples from above to influence your own future social campaigns to spike consumers interest, conversion and overall retention.