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5 ways your brand can stand out leading up to Christmas

2020 has just flown by, and Christmas is just around the corner – so we need to start preparing!

Small companies have a huge advantage this year, with 30% more consumers looking to buy local this year, compared to 2019.

Christmas is always competitive for business, with everyone wanting to reach their audiences and the landscape becoming more and more saturated every year.

Here at Growmofo, we want to see EVERY brand do well this holiday season, so we’ve collected some ways your brand can stand out this holiday season:

  1. Holiday-themed campaigns

    Sounds simple enough, but sometimes the basics actually work. By bringing forth nostalgic, holiday content, consumers are more likely to engage with your posts if they can relate to it! Make sure its unique though, generic holiday GIFS and graphics will struggle to stand out in a saturated market.

  2. Retarget with festive key terms

    Retargeting has been seen to boost ad rates up to 400%. If you want to compete this holiday season, you need to retarget by paying attention to how search behaviour changes over this festive time. Retargeting is a useful way of promoting Christmas related items such as “Christmas Themed Cookies” or “Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal” sweaters. By retargeting, you’ll send more consumers to your website and generate sales.

  3. Use video more than graphics

    We all know that video engages more than graphic, but can be a bit more pricey. It is honestly worth it though, with 51% of marketing professionals say that video content generates a higher ROI than any other type of content – making it the perfect piece of content for any holiday specials or campaigns.

  4. Get in the kitchen

    Another nostalgic tactic, seeing brands cooking up a storm in the kitchen can really help build a connection over the holiday period. Due to the repetition of traditional recipes made each year, it creates its own momentum for a consumer’s mind, reinforcing fond memories of Christmas. If brands really connect to their roots during this time by cooking christmas themed goods closely related to their products and services, they can connect with their consumer base in a new and exciting way.

  5. Do it now

    Leverage your sales during Halloween. Use the hype created by this holiday to prepare your customer base for the next one.

    Hope you’re all excited as we are here at GrowMOFO for the holiday season! Follow us on Instagram to see how we’re spending it!