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Snap Fitness M-City

Health and Fitness Industry

“With GrowMOFO, we were able to really drive some results within our early pre-launch campaign.”

The team made the whole process of developing an advertising strategy a breeze. With the help of the GrowMOFO team, we are currently averaging around $15-$20 per lead with our most recent presale campaign.
Snap Fitness M-City
The Strategy

Tailored to your industry

Whether you're in the health, hospo or hardware industry, the GrowMOFO platform creates tailored marketing strategies for any business that requires a boost utilising both organic and paid methods. Encompassing content pillars, recommended ad platforms and building audiences custom to your industry, we dedicate time to developing a plan that fits your company's requirements.

First Step to Creating Great Content

Establishing a tailored content direction is key to creating, well, great content. In your strategy, we will discuss a social feed and direction, paired with creative content suggestions. Within this, we discuss building out content calendars for Facebook and Instagram in advance, initiating a consistent posting schedule to engage audiences whilst also following a specific tonal theme. Hashtag and copywriting recommendations are also implemented to ensure consistency and reach.

A Guide to Ad Success

Within your strategy, we will determine and recommend what platforms to use for your business that will get the best results when creating campaigns. We talk direction, benefits and what ad creative types will ensure a response from your desired audience.

Target the right people

Ensuring that you target the right people, at the right time, in the right place, is vital to any marketing strategy. Whilst developing a plan for your brand, we discuss the use of Facebook’s technology to determine location demographic, profile information and online behaviour, and logic techniques you can use to get your brand in front of the right eyes.
The Result

Backed by numbers

After initiating the content direction strategy for Snap Fitness M-city, their Instagram skyrocketed to over 200 followers, with a dramatic uptick in customer engagement on each post. By dramatically increasing posts per week with a mixture of content around strategic content pillars such as ‘Gym Updates', ‘Educational content’ and ‘Promotional Creative’ paired with the use of on-brand hashtags and tagging locations in posts, we continue to see improvements on the Snap Fitness socials.

After implementing Snap Fitness M-City’s strategy, campaigns averaged $15-$20 per lead, We got these results by implementing strategic audience targeting, breaking the overall fitness industry into smaller segments to connect with more niche groups within the market on a more personalised level.


Ad impressions number


Ad impressions per week

A content direction strategy helped to elevate Snap Fitness’s audience opportunity, allowing the platform to utilise interest-based targeting. We recommended trialing different interest-based audiences to test responsiveness to our advertising. Having multiple audiences meant Snap Fitness could create different ads with different copy and creative highly relevant to the consumers seeing the ad, increasing overall impressions, which in turn lead to more leads.

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