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Creating Social Content That Cuts Through the Noise: A 2020 Guide.

In order to create good content, you’ve got to put aside some time.

Creating good content takes time, effort and a little bit of strategy.

We know that sounds like a bit of a task, but in order to readily compete with others on social platforms, you have to stand out.

The content you post on social media has the ability to turn your brand into a household name.

By developing a solid social media strategy with specific objectives, you’ll be able to create content that aligns with your target audience, building the desirable following and loyalty each brand deserves.

Let’s look at some things you should add to your social strategy:

  1. Identify Your Goals
    Let’s talk about goals.
    By having goals, you’ll have an idea of what kind of content you need to create in order to reach your audience. Look into your brand values and your target audience/s – they’ll give you an indication of what you’d like to achieve.
    Do you want to increase brand awareness?
    Would you like more leads?
    Or is an increase in web traffic something your company needs?
    Start by identifying your overall marketing objectives. The more specific these are, the easier it is to make content that aligns with them!
    Note: These may change over time.
  2. Make it Original
    Always take inspiration from others, but try to make the work you create as original as it can be in order to stand out from the crowd. Look at alternative ways to inspire your work – watch a Youtube clip, have a notebook in the shower or read books that help spark creative ideas! There is no wrong way to look for inspiration.
  3. Try Emotions and Notalgia
    Nostalgic moments give us a small hit of serotonin, lighting up the brain’s reward center. Consumers enjoy content that adheres to old memories that trigger positive emotions – and if you connect with your audience regularly, you’ll be able to understand what appeals to their emotions and therefore be able to create content that caters to them.
  4. High Quality Content works
    We know what you’re all thinking – this is pretty obvious – but honestly, it’s something that a lot of brands forget how important it is. We see a lot of brands trying to quickly create content for consistency, but this won’t matter if it’s not getting any engagement. For example, if your content is all shot on an old iPhone, this won’t be appealing to most audiences and it will significantly reduce its likelihood of being shared. If you can’t afford equipment or programs to create quality works, you can use platforms such as Canva, who offer the ability to create high-quality graphics for free.
  5. Add Value
    To add value to your consumers lives:
    – Create content that informs them
    – Create content that educates them
    – Create content that solves problems for them
    Examples of this could be quick facts and hacks that align with your brands overall messaging.

Brands should always be looking for ways to create content that stands out. These are just a few of the ideas that companies can use to create content that’s different and appealing to a variety of audiences. A platform like GrowMOFO can help your small business to grow online, with the ability to do all your social media marketing in the same place.