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How Marketing Automation Can Grow Your Solar Business

Since the introduction of renewable energy incentives, community awareness around the environmental and financial benefits of solar power has increased significantly. However, the inconsistency of this approach paired with the opportunism of several scammers has inspired enough doubt for traditional modes of lead generation to be largely ineffective. Shifting to digital marketing automation is one thing, but knowing how it cuts through the noise requires several key components which we’ve listed below. 

Understanding Your Customer 

Recognising your target audience and understanding the motives behind their buying habits is key to making sure your product is being seen by the right people. GrowMOFO’s marketing automation platform provides easy to read stats in real-time so you know exactly who your advertisements are reaching and how you can optimise them.

Tracking Lead Generation

Get even closer to potential clients by seeing exactly how they interact with your business’ marketing content and the conversions this generates. Knowing exactly when to follow up a lead can be tricky, that’s why GrowMOFO’s cross-platform analytics let you know your clients every move so your follow-up succeeds. 

Inspiring Customer Confidence 

Consistency is key to inspiring confidence in your product. That’s why staying on top of your digital presence is integral to successful customer relationship management. Our leading marketing automation platform saves you countless hours of scheduling across platforms so you can focus on client satisfaction. 

Integrating Marketing Processes 

Keeping all of your information in one place gives the bigger picture you need to make sure your strategy stays on target. GrowMOFO’s social media scheduler lets you coordinate your content and launch automated ads across platforms so you can collate real-time data all in one place.

Current trends in the solar energy industry show increased awareness and informed buyers which, although promising, requires a much more sophisticated marketing approach than traditional modes of the past. Marketing automation platforms, like GrowMOFO, offer leading strategies that successfully target audiences already privy to solar technologies. If you’re interested in learning more about how GrowMOFO’s digital marketing automation platform can help your solar business, check out our success stories or book a free demo with one of our trusted team members. 

Sohan Karunaratne

Sohan Karunaratne

Co-Founder GrowMOFO