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How Pinterest can inspire content

Choo Choo – All aboard the Pinterest train!

If you haven’t jumped on the Pinterest train already, it may be time to get on it.

More than just another social network, Pinterest can be used to not only inspire users’ creative ideation but it can also be used to promote your business and its products!

Since last year, the number of users using the Pinterest platform every month has increased by 28% to 322 million monthly active users – A huge opportunity for brands to get their content in front of millions of people for free.

On Pinterest, your brand can be more than just a brand. It can be a source of inspiration or play a role for your customers in their everyday lives. Consumers use Pinterest to search for ideas, plan for events or find the products they’ve been looking for.

A crazy 95% of members say Pinterest inspires them, and 91% say Pinterest helps them achieve their goals.

If you’re in a creative profession – you can use Pinterest to save things that give you inspiration all in one place to create content for your social platforms. Being a completely visual platform, a profession such as ‘Graphic Design’ can allow customers to search for keywords and pin this inspiration. By searching keywords such as product designs, UI designs, packaging designs, mood boards, etc, you’re opening up a world of opportunity to inspire and create new, exciting content.

And even if you’re not a creative, this tool can be used to find imagery to break up your feed or give you quick tips on how to evolve your already incredible content. Viewing content creative and out-of-the-box content can help you find innovative ways of communicating with your audience even if you’re in the service sector or have a business that doesn’t directly translate to a visual medium.

So what are you waiting for? Try it out yourself!