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Is Tiktok still #1 for GenZ?

Gen Z will continue to use TikTok for the foreseeable future.

Why? The reasons are infinite – Education, hacks, connection, money, therapy… The list goes on.

Willing to compromise their privacy, Gen Z still consider TikTok as their number one social platform, holding no qualms to the apparent downsides of the application.

Since the app became under a national security investigation earlier this year, TikTok still continues to hold steady usage, even with Gen Z holding the knowledge that the Chinese government may be stealing their information.

Main reasons being:

Every kid wants to be an influencer

It’s true… I mean why wouldn’t you want to be? You get paid obscene amounts of money to create content you love. It’s not only an incredible way for users to express themselves and their creativity, it’s also a great way to make money fast. TikTok evens out the playing field so that everyone has the same opportunity (as long as they put in the hard work).

Cheaper than therapy

If you ask any Gez Zedder one thing they’ve learned off TikTok, I can guarantee it’ll be related to mental health or self-care in some sense. Gone are the days where we seek advice from one source – We’re now looking at alternative ways to get help – And one of those include Tik Tok, where users can share advice and tips about improving their mental health and self-care. The app has also been seen to make users feel more included as the platform allows them to share their struggles openly.

DIY, Tips, Hacks & More

I don’t know about you guys, but i’ve learnt more from this app than i did in high school. Tiktok is known for its array of tips and tricks that allow users to elevate their cooking, fitness and even cleaning routines. The platform offers a plethora of knowledge from makeup artists, personal trainers, doctors and more…For free.

Gen Z will continue to be the core audience for TikTok, as the generation simultaneously balances a deep understanding of how the Internet has and will continue to dissolve privacy into reality, all whilst knowing that this is the primary platform to learn from and make money more easily than any other job.