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How GrowMOFO Can Help

Stress-Free Content Creation

Our social media management platform takes the stress out of writing captions and picking keywords so you don’t spend hours trying to craft the perfect post. Simply upload your assets and our content manager will generate ads for your approval and post them directly to Facebook, Instagram and Google – it’s that easy!

Instant Optimisation

To make sure your active ad campaigns are producing the right results, we carefully designed our social media management tools to notice when campaigns are underperforming. Within an instant, our algorithm then shifts to new content, targeting and a range of other strategies to guarantee a positive ROI. As the data flows, we continue to automatically refine your approach until you succeed.

Cross-Platform Analytics

We understand that there’s nothing more frustrating than switching between platforms to try and compare results. GrowMOFO’s Ads Dashboard is designed to give you access to real-time analytics across all platforms that you have active campaigns on. Our social media management platform offers a complete view of where the best ad ROI is coming from and suggestions on how to grow your campaign further.

1. Let’s Talk Business

Our social media management platform will ask you a series of questions to extract as much information about your business as possible. This information will then be used to create a comprehensive GrowMOFO Strategy for your brand.

2. Strategy Review

Once your strategy is generated, it’s time for you to review it. A meeting will be organised so your strategy can be analysed slide by slide, providing you with the opportunity to sign off on each section and add feedback where necessary. When you have signed off the strategy completely, all of your social media accounts will be linked via our platform and supplied content with be collated for scheduling.

3. Approving Ads and Posts

When your strategy is approved, a tailored content calendar will be created for both organic posts and digital ads using the content you provide. These will then be optimised and you will receive a notification for you to review them. Similar to the strategy review, you will have the opportunity to add your feedback.

4. Watch and Learn

Sit back, relax, as you reap the rewards of our social media management tools. You can monitor your progress through our easy-to-read analytics dashboard.

5. Hey you! Time To Review

Using our platform, organise a time to review the progress of your organic posts and digital ads. Let’s discuss optimisation, budget and timelines moving forward. From here, it’s time again to set and forget – let the strategy do the work for you!