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Social Media to become a top channel for purchase

Social Media used to be used for one thing, and one thing only – to “socialise.” However, now, marketers have since digressed, understanding the power in which these platforms actually hold.

Today, consumers have a world of resources at their fingertips to help them choose and buy products, however after the recent pandemic, online resources have become one of the main platforms for discovery and purchase – with the average human spending 30% more time on socials than than they ever did before.

In 2021, Forbes have predicted that social media will become a top contender for discovery, with platforms like Instagram and Facebook making it easier for consumers to go from discovery to purchase in just a couple of clicks.

According to Marketing Charts, 49% of shoppers have said they have discovered new brands on social media platforms such as Instagram (27%), Pinterest (22%), Twitter (14%), Snapchat (12%) and YouTube (40%).

New research has depicted that social media is more important to younger shoppers such as Millenials and Gen Zedders, with a study by Kantar Media describing that 50% of adults (aged 18-34) use social media to find out more about a brand and its offerings. They also now head to socials to find products, as they are being exposed to a more humanised version of marketing, with something like influencers providing a level of unmatched social proof in comparison to your average testimonial.

However, It’s also worth noting that whilst social media is a main touch point when discovering a new product of service, once shoppers are further down on their purchasing journey, social media is not as important to shoppers’ decision-making, with something like search being cited as a primary purchase driver and socials sitting as a secondary option.