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Stop Trying To Make Perfect Content

This is a friendly reminder to you to stop trying to make perfect content.

Your obsession with creating perfect content is the reason that you’re not able to reach your goals.

We, as humans, idolise the idea of what’s perfect. We want every sentence to flow, every colour to go with the overall design and fonts to work perfectly with those sentences.

We see the flaws in our even when there aren’t any…

But the truth is when you create content, none of that even matters, because at the end of the day, your opinion doesn’t really matter.

No seriously, it really doesn’t.

Like at all.

For example, sometimes I may see an advert on TV and think – “Oh, I could’ve done a much better job than that” but then you start seeing those products and services in the advert flying off the shelf.

Thinking that you could’ve done a better job is a matter of opinion, and the people who made that advert knew exactly what they were doing and that’s why it worked.

The point of this is, that what we claim to be “perfect” will never match the expectations of others. The only opinion that matters at the end of the day is your target audiences.

The only way to find out if they like it? Is to get your content out there and let it do its thing.

The more time you waste making changes and editing your content that doesn’t really need to be changed, the more of a loss you’re subjected to if it doesn’t perform as well as you’d initially hoped.

If you’ve been working on a Youtube video, editing and re-filming over and over again, without doing any proper research on how it will be received by your audience or even asking the basic questions about certain demographics, the chances are it won’t actually gain as much traction as you’d initially hoped.

A solution to this? Do your research… And if that doesn’t work, try a similar, easier cheaper alternative and see how it works with your market. For example, a piece of content such as a TikTok video is a smarter investment of your time, and you can see how your audience responds before investing in longer-form content for your audience.

What we’re trying to say is understanding your audience will go further than any piece of “perfect” content. Invest your time in them and you’ll see results a lot faster.