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The upside of Covid-19, 3 benefits for your brand

As we regress back into the new normal, many are wondering if we’ll see any benefits from the pandemic, considering the damage it’s done on our economy. Although this period of time has seen us face many challenges, there have been some changes that may come as a surprise to many!

We’ve seen some industries tumble, whilst others thrive, some making most of the lemons they’d been giving.


The pandemic seemed to wipe out many small to medium businesses, as many either didn’t know how to move online or if they did, were unsure how to market their brand properly, causing them to generate less income or worse, close. This is where community spirit came in handy, seeing many people start to sway towards buying local to support the brands that surrounded them. This has been seen throughout all of COVID-19 and continues to go strong throughout the holiday period, so be ready!


We are all creatures of habit… We find what works and we stay loyal to that, not adventuring out often to find new, exciting things. During the pandemic, brands were forced to seek alternative ways to make money. A great example of this was the travel industry – Content created usually revolves around travelling, right? Well, we couldn’t travel, so these travel brands were forced to think creatively and develop social content that would inspire or entertain rather than just pictures of their next destination.


The pandemic has allowed many brands the time to look internally and see what was working and what wasn’t. It has also given them the time to really work on their social media presence because without it they wouldn’t actually be able to reach their audience during this time. This resulted in stronger relationships with their customers and time to really develop a strategy that gave their brand the exposure they deserve.

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