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What is “Banner Blindness” and how can you overcome it

Consumers have become smarter over time… much smarter. They know when they’re seeing an ad, and quite frankly, they’re a bit over it. We as brands need to find a way to combat this, looking for fresh alternatives to avoid what has been labelled as the dreaded “Banner Blindness.”

What even is Banner Blindness?

Banner Blindness is when a user unconsciously (sometimes not) ignores a webpages advertisement. It can also be referred to as ad blindness, banner noise or ad fatigue.

Why are people ignoring ads?

As we said above, consumers have become more aware of when they are being sold too, so they are more likely to avoid adverts. The market has become saturated and ads have become simply boring, annoying and intrusive to our everyday lives

How can you avoid it for your brand?

Make it personalise

With targeting options marketers have available to them, you’d have to be silly not to want to use it to your advantage! For example, if we were to personalise our brand when creating banner ads, we’d advertise in a location where lots of SMB’s sit, advertising our services specifically to their needs, in a tone of voice that talks to them.


Mobile makes up an incredible 67.3% of all digital ad spend with expandable mobile banners showing a remarkably high CTR. To avoid banner blindness, use a mobile-first strategy when it comes to designing your adverts.

Video says 1000 words

We all know that videos get better engagement – And if you didn’t, now you do! Use video when creating ads, as the interactivity that a video provides is much more engaging than an image.


Just remember what matters the most – That being your audience. You can create an advert that could theoretically sell snow to an Eskimo, but if that Eskimo is your target audience, then it’s not going to work. So when you create ads, have them in mind, and if you’re not exactly sure what they’d want, test, test, optimise and test some more!

Try these 4 tactics and let us know how you go! Or if you’re unsure? Join GrowMOFO today – where the platform’s automated ads system will do it all for you!