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Why is ‘Empathy’ such a huge brand value?

We’re human. We all need compassion, love and empathy to succeed in this crazy thing called life – and this applies to the world of business too!

Having the ability to understand what other people are going through allows us to become really great in the marketing game – even though it’s not something that they teach you in university, or even in life more or less. Empathy is something that you must learn yourself throughout the course of your career, and it’ll change the way you market to your consumers.

If you’re able to put yourself in the shoes of consumers and understand all their wants and needs, you’ll be able to implement this in the products, services and content you create, and consumers will be more likely to purchase.

True brand empathy comes from sharing a journey with your target audience, delving below the surface to create true connections on a more emotional level.

The truth is, consumers don’t want to see your brand’s content, as they’re slammed with a plethora of marketing materials on a daily basis – content that often does not add value to their lives in any way, shape or form.

So how do we add value and show empathy to our consumers?

  1. Understand what triggers them

    People invest emotionally in the products they purchase. So the business they purchase from needs to understand what triggers that emotional response, and invest in them personally.

  2. Set them up for success

    We all want to be successful at what we do – so we follow brands that inspire us, provide information and give us an edge when it comes to our marketing. Companies that create content that empathises with this need will hold greater power over their consumer base.

  3. Make them human, no like really

    There’s no one way for a customer journey, we’re human and we don’t always follow a set path – therefore there’s no way to really predict which way a customer will go! If brands design content that aligns with their audience, whilst humanising their own personal brand, they’ll have greater potential to predict where the customer will want and need in order to process the payment.