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Why Marketing to Gen Z on Tiktok works

What is it and why can’t your teenage son stop talking about it?

Well, once upon time, a short time ago, the parent company, Byte Dance, bought and the two merged together to birth the incredible platform we now know as TikTok.

The social platform has skyrocketed after its merger 6 months ago with over 800 million active users and 1.5 billion times downloads in over 150 different countries.
So why is this platform booming the way that it is? And why is it so appealing to the Gen Z?

Two words – Democratised virality.

Well that’s according to CEO Kieren Mathew, founder of Amplify.

Unlike Instagram, every day consumers feel as if they have actually had a chance for their content to become viral. The platform has no consistency, all it just takes one great piece of content for you to become a viral sensation.

For a generation like Gen Z, the influencer-life is one they’ve grown up with, so they tend to idolise it.

It’s become a lifestyle, a part of their everyday life – with more than 40% of users being 16-24 year olds and 90% of them on it daily.

Brands who want to target the younger generation will benefit from jumping on this popular trend.

The platform combines cult memes and viral video – two of the most popular trends for this generation, who grew up in the golden era for the internet.

Challenges are a huge trend that brands have seen millennials adapt to on TikTok, appealing to consumers who want to feel a part of something bigger.
Challenges combine all the appealing elements (something like individualized sounds) for Gen Z together and gives it the ability to go viral.

Content usually marketed by brands does not often have sound as an element. This is where TikTok is a huge advantage, helping to humanise ads and drive the emotive side  of an advert. This gives brands the opportunity to create individualized sounds that can be easily picked up by users, especially the younger generation, leading to millions of potential impressions.

TikTok has so many incredible opportunities for brands to target Millenials. From brand takeovers and In-Feed Naitive videos to Hashtag Challenges and Lenses – whatever your brand needs to reach the younger generation, Tik Tok has something for everyone.

Are you looking to take advantage of this growing trend?

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