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Why we need to follow the lead of Gen Z

Gen Z are a different breed.

They are largely self-taught, innovative and resourceful – resulting in a “do it yourself” kind of attitude. Funnily enough these characteristics are what most SMBs need to possess in order to run a successful brand.

Small business owners can learn a lot from following the lead of Gen Z, who are realistically in a league of their own. What actions many older generations deem to be unproductive or unnecessary are actually steps that could lead to actions that could change our society for the better.

Qweenssss of multi-tech

The average Gen Zedder spends approximately 10.6 hours per day interacting with online media. This has meant that technology has become their second language, growing up with it and using it every single day, giving them the ability to switch between mediums with ease and with no prior education to the tool. This is vital for SMB’s and their marketing strategy, as they have to have the ability to use multiple platforms at once.

Entrepreneurs? Nah they’re just following trends

This is the generation that is the most resourceful out of the bunch. Considering that they are so well-versed with the latest technology and platforms, they understand and follow trends like no other, and are able to create content. Youtubers and Tiktokers are a great example of this, with Gen Z seen as some of top earners on these platforms – Simply from following trends that they’ve liked.

Inclusivity at it’s finest

Gen Z grew up in a time of big changes in terms of culture, ethnicity, politics and gender. Social media has played a large part in this, allowing Gen Z to not feel alone for being “different” and giving them the ability to connect with others who are similar. SMB’s can follow in these footsteps, finding genuine ways to make their content more inclusive for all. Participating in trending hashtags is a great way to be part of your audience’s conversations and learning what they care about most.

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