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Writing the perfect caption – 5 hacks

Nailing the perfect caption takes time. It’s almost as critical as the content itself.

You need to showcase who you are and what you stand for, as well as your brand’s personality – And you only have a couple of characters to do it in.

So what should you write? How long should it be? How do you keep your audience engaged?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with 5 hacks that’ll help change the caption game!

  1. Tell a story

    Users actually prefer it when a brand is honest, authentic, and showcases personalised content. You can build these traits through your Instagram captions by telling a story about your brand that helps connect and engage with readers. This might be anything from a brief history of the brand to a personal introduction of an employee.

  2. It’s all about structure

    Although Instagram allows up to 2K+ characters in a single caption, you should only use around 300-400 words for your content. When constructing a caption that is a little bit longer, you must create a structure. This means breaking it up as if you were writing a blog! A thick block of text is very difficult to read to our audiences who will most likely be reading these captions on their phone where the print is smaller.

  3. Ask questions

    Your customers’ matter, and so do their opinions! They’re the reason you’re there in the first place – So ask them questions! By asking your audience questions, it’ll not only increase engagement on your posts, it will also make them feel like they matter. When you ask them questions, it’ll make them feel heard and valued – It is also a great tool to find out your customers wants and needs so make sure you pay attention.

  4. Unique hashtags

    We all know this one but it’s super important! For example, GrowMOFO’s unique hashtag is #GrowMOFO which is used in every caption for our brand. If a user clicks on that hashtag, it’ll take them to all the tags with the same one, exposing them to all our content! Try it for yourself!

  5. CTA (Call to Action)

    So you’ve created an amazing caption, what now? You need to tell your customers to take action. Sounds simple but it’s actually where a lot of brands fall short as they just think that if they imply, users will do. We love the simple “Link in bio” or “Tag us in your next post” – It’s a simple yet effective way to finish your piece.

No matter the content, you still need to ensure your brand is showing its personality through words. Try these hacks with your next post and let us know how it goes!