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6 Instagram Trends for your Social Strategy in 2020

Noone could have predicted what the year 2020 would bring.

The pandemic has dramatically impacted how we use and engage on socials.

From entertainment to news, social media has become the primary source of information for consumers.

For Instagram, the world’s second largest social platform, this means a plethora of new opportunities within the Styling and Story space.

Instagram Story Trends

Instagram Stories have become the best way for a brand to rapidly connect with their audience.

The current climate has seen a huge spike in social media usage with brands seeing an increased need to create new and exciting content regularly. However, brands are slowly starting to understand that trying to push products hard will inevitably push consumers away rather than keep them.

Brands in 2020 will need to adapt to upcoming trends as a way to disguise their selling methods.

Supporting your locals

Creating support for locals has been a prominent, increasing trend that is seeing many bigger brands supporting small ones. This trend has seen a lot of collaborations and shoutouts, with the introduction of Instagrams ‘Support Small Business’ sticker which many brands have been seen using on their stories. This will be an ongoing trend according to Coronavirus: Accelerating Localism and hopefully continue on to 2021.