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Find your brands voice: Nailing your Tone of Voice on Socials

Every single thing you do as a brand is a representation of your brands Tone of Voice.

Wait, what’s TOV?

Well, essentially, it’s what your brand says and how you say it.

Whether it’s what you write, what you design, whatever you put online or in person, all speak volumes about your overall brand.

When it comes to your social media platforms, it’s important to stay consistent across all platforms.

Forming a style guide for your brand is the most important step to discovering your brands TOV, giving you the ability to stay consistent across all platforms.

So how do you find your TOV for your Social Media?

There are many different approaches to creating a verbal and personality guideline.

You can start by asking yourself what kind of words describe your business as a whole.

Are you Thoughtful? Direct? Inspirational?

Do you want to be seen as Serious? Happy? Romantic?

Choose 5 that really speak to you and your values as a business.

Here are a list of our favourites:

Grateful, Thankful, Empathetic, Tolerant, Generous, Caring, Well Meaning, Authoritative, Caring, Cheerful, Sarcastic, Coarse, Conservative, Conversational, Casual, Dry, Edgy, Enthusiastic, Understanding, Kind, Empathetic, Happy, Direct, Social, Crazy, Ominous, Friendly, Sympathetic

Every time you talk about your business, you need to represent these 5 keywords.

Next, think about how you talk.

Do you talk in third or first-person?

Is slang something you’re okay with?

For example:
A brand like GrowMofo consistently uses affirmative language to boost its audiences confidence and help develop empowering relationships with its customers through the use of inclusive words on their socials like ‘We,’ ‘Our’ and ‘Everyone.’

This can be seen across all their social platforms.

Other things to consider are your History, your company’s Vision, Mission, Colour and Logo Guides and your Emoji Usage.

These are all the things you should consider before writing up a guide, giving you the ability to nail your Tone of Voice across your social media platforms.